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                                                               Community property laws

Arizona is a community property state, meaning that income and property acquired by either spouse during a marriage -- with some exceptions, such as income from a spouse's separate property or an inheritance -- is the property of both spouses. Without an agreement like a premarital agreement (prenup) in place, community property is divided equitably upon divorce.


Contrary to public belief, juvenile criminal records are not kept secret. Sadly, young people who have a juvenile record are frequently denied access to the military, employment, higher education and housing. Children must have access to justice and the freedom to pursue their dreams without fear that a juvenile record will end their goals.

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court finally vacated a 50 year-old order against a teen who was sent to prison for children in 1964 after a brief off-the-record session before a judge about whether he made a lewd phone call. (In Re Gault)

Children, Teens, Parents, Guardians, Teachers and others: PLEASE educate kids that what they do as a kid may still follow them forever; or will take years of time, effort and legal fees to remedy.


AZ Board of Fingerprinting

If you have received a denial or suspension notice from the AZ DPS, we can help you file a thorough, complete, persuasive appeal application with supporting documentation to increase your chances of obtaining a "good cause" exception and approval of your FCC from the Board of Fingerprinting. Do NOT delay. In general, you have only 30 days to file the good cause exception appeal application.

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Curfew Laws: Most Arizona cities have curfew laws. The curfew is 10:00 p.m. for those 15 and younger. The curfew is midnight for those 16-17. Parents and guardians are responsible if their children violate curfew laws, and other laws. There are a few curfew exceptions. Call your local police or attorney to find out what the exceptions are.

License Plates: Plastic cover or film over your license plate? Be prepared to get out your screwdriver or razor blade to take it off. Plate must be 100% visible. Make sure the state name and expiration stickers are completely visible or you could face a hefty fine. Police officers need to be able to see all the information on your license plate from any angle behind our car. In addition, your plate needs to be maintained so all of the plate is clearly legible from any angle behind the vehicle. Covers or films must be clear and cannot obscure the plate to any degree from any angle to the rear of the vehicle. You plate must be securely fastened to the vehicle so it does not swing, and attached at least 12" from the ground.

CDL holders and CMV drivers: Don't use a hand-held phone (or any device) while in control of vehicle - whether moving or stopped.

Teens: NO Cell phone use & Driving: Effective July 1, 2018, no making calls for teens with a learner’s permit or teens for the first six months of getting an actual license. First-time violations: $75 fine and other restrictions extended for an additional 30 days. Second violation: $100 fine with an extra six months of restrictions. Third violation: license suspension for 30 days.

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