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Concierge Lawyering, like concierge medicine, is a rapidly growing segment of the professional services industry. Concierge lawyering involves a relationship between a client and a lawyer in which the client pays an annual or monthly advance fee (retainer) to have a personal lawyer advise and consult the client on a variety of both legal and non-legal matters. In exchange for the retainer, a concierge lawyer provides enhanced representation and counseling to the client and is “on‑call” for the client to serve the client’s needs. 

A concierge lawyer is a trusted advisor who helps clients make informed business, personal, financial and legal decisions, without the client having to be concerned about being billed by the minute or hour. Clients often do not get legal advice because they don’t know who to call, are making decisions on the fly and can’t wait to find and retain a lawyer, can’t wait for a lawyer to be available, or can’t afford a full-blown legal opinion.

Lisa Gervase offers concierge legal services for several levels of engagement to meet the needs and demands of her clients, from providing critical guidance on daily operational business matters, licensing and regulatory matters, and estate and succession planning. Lisa’s concierge approach to law emphasizes prompt, personal attention to her clients’ varying needs at various times, so that the “billable hour” is taken out of the equation.

Contact Lisa to discuss options and fees for her to serve as the Concierge Lawyer for you or your business.


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